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Bolt Action: M3 Grant WiP und Preiserhöhung

Warlord Games zeigen ein WiP ihres kommenden M3 Grant Panzers.

M3 Grant WiP

Nobody likes Mondays. So here’s a preview of a forthcoming Bolt Action vehicle to lighten the mood – the M3 Grant…

Außerdem haben Warlord Games für Teile ihres Sortiments die Preise erhöht:

By 19:00 GMT today (25th January 2013) we will have implemented our price rise on the items outlined below; if you are quick you may still be able to take advantage at the old prices…

There will be nominal price increases on the following product:

  • Our metal Bolt Action boxed sets.
  • Some Resin Vehicles.
  • Bolt Action single figure Reinforcements.
  • Bolt Action two figure weapon teams.
  • A selection of items found in the armoury section e.g. shields and caps.
  • Following feedback from you we are repackaging our Bolt Action Orders Dice into packs of 12 rather than 10. The new price will be £10, but only once current stock of the 10-packs have sold out.

We are also temporarily retiring the Bolt Action platoon deals. We feel they do not fit in with Bolt Action force selection but we expect them to return before long with rules for fielding more vehicles in your games of Bolt Action.

If, in the meantime, you wish to buy 3 or more of the same vehicles just drop us an email to info@warlordgames.com and we’ll make sure you get your eager hands on them!

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