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Ashes – Dark Side of the Moon: Neuer Kickstarter

Ein neues Miniaturen-Brettspiel versucht sein Glück bei Kickstarter!

In the end of 21st century, at the dark side of the moon, the space mercenaries fight for resources for their employers. Armored mechanical MAP (Mobile Armor Platform) which can replace the module as required to show their power here. Battlefield commanders can use varieties of MAPs which are composed of different kinds of modules product by multiple vendors to obtain their victory in battle.

Now, Commanders, are you ready?

In the Ashes, you will play as a battlefield commander. You can follow your own style to organize troop according to the score rule and conduct a fair contest with your opponent. A standard configuration 1 VS 1 battle will bring you 1-2 hours of intense battle. By adding more players or more troops, the battle will be more thrilling and long lasting.

Das Englisch holpert hier und da, aber die ersten Konzepte sehen interessant aus:

Ashes-Dark Side of the Moon Kickstarter 1 Ashes-Dark Side of the Moon Kickstarter 2

Besonders interessant ist das Materialkonzept. Die Modelle bestehen aus gelasertem Modellkarton, es gibt also einiges zu kleben. Vor allem angesichts dieser Inhaltsliste:

Ashes-Dark Side of the Moon Kickstarter 3

The units of Ashes are made of laser-cut cardboards, assembling those units and giving them color will be a very enjoyable experience. Cardboard models can be used in almostany way you can imagine to color: mark pen, pen, color pencil, and of course, the model paint. Painting miniatures is so easy that people without experience can also easily accomplish. PS: Using water-based materials (such as watercolor) need to be careful, too much water may cause deformation of parts. However, the Cardboard is not fragile as it seems to be, because of its own toughness, mild compression will not cause permanent damage. But please try not to cantonment your „army“ in too damp place.

Thanks to laser machining, we can offer players a certain degree of customization services, including engraving players’ exclusive logos, names or rich surface engraved lines on the chess surface.

Ein weiterer interessanter Faktor ist die Tatsache, dass die Modelle aus modularen Teilen bestehen, und von den Spielern konfiguriert werden können.

Ashes-Dark Side of the Moon Kickstarter 4

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