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Antenocitis Workshop: 15mm Armoured Company

Freunde kleinerer Maßstäbe können dank Antenocitis Workshop bald ordentlich mobilmachen.

M577 Armoured Company Boxset 1 M577 Armoured Company Boxset 2 M577 Armoured Company Boxset 3 M577 Armoured Company Boxset 4

New from FATC (Fate Amenable To Change) is this superb set of 15mm M577 series vehicles contains  a total of 9 vehicles made from high-quality pressure-cast resin and white-metal.

M577 Standard APC (The one form aliens)
2x Republic Electric RE700 20mm gatling cannons
2x Boyars PARS-150 20mW phased plasma cannons (top mounted)
Standard crew is 2.

Scout (Shortened wheelbase – M576)
Comes with dual M56A3 (M56 smart gun – dual)
Stowed internally on all models.

Long-Wheel-Base – M578:
1)   AT gun
2)   GP Support Auto-Cannon
Both of these turrets come with the dual-short-barrelled M56-C2 (Coax M56 short-barrel, non-smart)Command – M579
Command & Control version with AA Auto-cannon & short-range ground-to-ground missiles.
2 sets of twin M56A3s
Advanced Radar system and comms, C&C Center & decryption centre.

The vehicles have been designed so that the wheel-mouting-hub can be partially cut-away to allow for alteration of the ride-height of the vehicle by up to 5mm.

Set Includes:

  • 4 x M577
  • 2 x M576
  • 2 x M578
  • 1 x M579

Das Set kostet 71,52 Euro.

Quelle: Antenocitis Workshop


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