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Anarchy Models: Stencil Kickstarter Update 3

Mittlerweile ist man bei Anarchy Models Kickstarter bei 11.500 GBP angelangt.

Anarchy Models - Stencil Kickstarter Anarchy Models - Stencil Kickstarter Anarchy Models - Stencil Kickstarter Anarchy Models - Stencil Kickstarter Anarchy Models - Stencil Kickstarter

I can hardly believe we hit 10k! and are already heading past it. thanks to you all!!

Before our kickstarter, my missus asked me what would I really like to see the campaign make, not what I expected it to make, but what would be my dream amount, and I said 10k, and never really expected to get there….. but here we are!! and over a week to go too.

Simply astounding!

Firstly, I have decided to add a pledge level for 7 stencils, as now we have 29 designs…(omg… 29 designs, you guys are so amazing).., I thought it might help.

As promised, for 10k we have 3 designs, the Oozing drips was already listed, but now we also have 2 more, Pin-up Silhouettes -1 and WW2 German Crosses.

A whole sheet of Pin-up Silhouettes to add a little nose art/wing to your aircraft or whatever other uses you can think of.

There will be various sizes, and many more designs than those show here (pics soon).

We unlocked the USA stars near the start of the campaign, and since then many people have asked for the German Crosses, so here they are!

There will be many sizes per sheet, suitable for multiple scales.

Several different sized strips of drips, can be applied in a single layer, or in multiple layers for different effects.

Make your vehicles look like they have been painted to look like they are running with blood, slime, oil, grime, or some other substance.

Der Kickstarter läuft noch 4 Tage und es sind weitere Bonusgoals geplant.

Link: Anarchy Models @ Kickstarter


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  • Ok, die Symbolstempel für deutsche Balkenkreuze sowie US- und Sovjet-Sterne sind für die vielen WW II Systeme da draußen wirklich mal eine gute Idee. Klar geht sowas auch Freehand, aber mit einem Stempel hat man die Sache doch deutlich schneller und sicherer aufgebracht.

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