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Anarchy Models: P4 Stormwalker Turm

Anarchy Models bringt Ende des Monats einen neuen Panzerturm im 28mm Maßstab heraus, den P4 Stormwalker.

Anarchy Models - P4 Stormwalker Turret

This is a Pre-order for the P4 Stormwalker tank turret, which is planned for a release during the week starting 25 Feb 13

The reason for this pre-order is mainly to give us a guide of how many we need to make for release, the molds are made, and we are already starting to build up stock.

Any orders containing this pre-order will ship once the P4 is released, even if other items in the order are already available. Obvioulsy pre-orders will be shipped before normal orders of this item.

  • 10 piece kit

  • quality casting resin with crisp detail

  • will fit many turret rings due to the 3 included adapter widgets

  • Comes with long cannon barrel and a short seige mortar. the back section of the long cannon can be cut shorter if desired and will still fit the kit.

Will fit turrent rings with a diameter of;

  • 4.5mm
  • 11.5mm
  • 15.5m
  • 25.5mm

Das mehrteilige Kit aus Resin kostet 12,50 GBP.

Link: Anarchy Models


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