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Acheson Creations: Gelände Kickstarter

Es gibt einen neuen Kickstarter für Resingelände.

Wargaming in the American Frontier era is growing in popularity. Acheson Creations already offers a diverse range of 28mm tabletop terrain for this category including various log cabins, longhouses, and more. It is the goal of this Kickstarter to offer more options with greater diversity. To start, we have 14 new products that include various wigwams for the Native Americans and timber buildings for the Settlers and Pioneers. Each design is handmade and then hand cast in a durable urethane plastic, ready for retail. As you can see in the introductory video, many of the initial items are already underway and by the end of this campaign, all the masters will be ready to mould. Your support will enable us to take these new designs and put them into production. And as the video suggests, if we reach our goal we have a variety of Stretch Goals in mind including additional buildings and also pewter figure packs, accessories, and more. Pledge today!

Das erste Stretch Goal gibt es auch schon:

Stretch Goal Acheson Designs 6000k

 Quelle: Acheson Creations bei Kickstarter

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