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Mierce Miniatures: Neue Greens

Mierce Miniatures haben neue Greens für ihren Kickstarter vorgestellt.

Zum einen gibt es den gewaltigen Hrudinn:

Darklands hrudinn wip 1 Darklands hrudinn wip 2 Darklands hrudinn wip 3 Darklands hrudinn wip 4

Außerdem gibt esein erstes Green von Mneriiis, Harbinger of Khthon:

Mneriiss, Harbinger of Khthon

Und einen weit fortgeschrittenen Penda the Bloody-Handed:

Penda on Foot 1 Penda on Foot 2 Penda on Foot 3

Bei den Lieferdaten gibt es leider Verzögerungen:

There will be delays for certain starter sets I’m afraid, and for this we can only apologise and humbly ask for your forgiveness.

The simple reason for these delays is that there are only so many hours in a day; we are all working overtime to get several thousand miniatures cast up, cleaned and packed, and have been doing so for months. We’re just incredibly busy and we hope that you all understand this. We’re aware this is a disappointment for some, but we do ask you to be patient here – we’re going just as fast as we can.

A run down on each starter set’s shipping dates are shown below.

Brythoniaid Dyndraig, Fomoraic Tarvax and Ysian Ax-Drune first

We’ll still be shipping some starter sets on Monday the 20th of May, however – the Brythoniaid Dyndraig, Fomoraic Tarvax and Ysian Ax-Drune sets – and shipments will continue throughout that week and no doubt the week after, as it is simply physically impossible for us to pack and ship everything on the 20th. For one thing, it wouldn’t all fit on the mail van!

Note here that we’ll be shipping everything on an earlier date basis – i.e., the backers that completed their Kickstarter pledge the earliest on our webstore will have their orders shipped first.

Fomoraic Srónax, Ysian Brute and Norse Troll in June

We provisionally aim to start shipping the Fomoraic Srónax and Ysian Brute starter sets on the 3rd of June, with the Norse Troll starter sets provisionally starting to ship on the 17th of June. This also enables us to ship Gríminn and possibly Hrudinn (see below) with the Norse sets, far earlier than was stated on the Kickstarter project.

Angelcynn Duguth in July

Angelcynn starter sets should be shipped in July, possibly earlier, although this does depend on when we receive Penda the Bloody-Handed on foot.

However, we will have Cynemon and Ceonwulf ready in time for the Angelcynn Starter Sets – here’s some piccies of Wulfhere and Ceonwulf too, both sculpted by James van Schaik!

Mierce Miniatures ist unter anderem bei unserem Partner Radaddel erhältlich.

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