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Warheads: 5. Welle Vorschau

Es geht weiter mit Warheads, in der 5. Welle erhalten Sir Hugo und Gui erneuten Nachschub.

gwen Mortimer snagglebones Warheads - Medieval Tales Issue 5

After a long hiatus Warheads: Medieval Tales is back with its penultimate chapter in the tale of Sir Hugo and Gui le B@tard’s ongoing rivalry.
In this episode, Sir Hugo travels into the foothills of the Black Mountains. Gui is of course on hand to dog Sir Hugo’s steps every inch of the way, in what develops into a battle between the very forces of life and death.

Previewed here are Gwen, Mortimer and Snagglebones.

Sister Gwen is a warrior Nun with a stout heart and a strong blade who pitches herself against Mortimer, the vile Necromancer from the village of Goole, and his undead, monkey familiar- Snagglebones- a wicked and mischievous character!

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Warheads ist unter anderem auch bei unserem Partner Fantasy Warehouse erhältlich.

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