Urban War: Neues Demoprogramm

Urban Mammoth sucht Spieler für ihre Legion Demo Teams.

Urban Mammoth are beginning to accept applications for their new Legion demo team program. The Legion is a support program that rewards gamers for demonstrating and promoting the Urban War Second Edition game and running events as part of the Organized Play program.

Gamers start out in one of the four worldwide legions (Tenth (X) “Britannia” Legion- United Kingdom, Second (II) “America” Legion- North & South America, Eighth (VIII) “Europa” Legion, Fourth (IV) “World” Legion) as an Auxilia and increase in rank as they organize more events and demos. Legion members gain Imperial Credits for each event run and can use them to gain access to exclusive products that will include T-shirts and unique legionary Stat cards for all factions. Imperial Credits will also give you discount on promotional items, and exclusive miniatures as well as access to new releases prior to general release. The higher your rank, the more credits you gain for each event.

The Legion program rewards you for sharing your love of Urban War and gives you the tools and motivation to help expand your local gaming community and create interesting and exciting events for your community to participate in.

Details on how to join the program and the requirements for it are available on the Urban War website.

Quelle: Urban Mammoth

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