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Trench 2114: Panzer Troops

Trench 2114 zeigt eine Vorschau auf die bald erscheinenden Panzer Troops und bietet bereits Vorbestellungen an.

Trench 2114 - Panzer Troops1

Trench 2114 - Panzer Troops2

Above is a master sculpts pic of two of the poses for our 15mm heavy infantry unit for the Iron Will faction known as Panzer Troops. They are now up for preorder on our website at $9.00 for two platoons worth (10-12 miniatures), they are expected to be ready for shipping in early july. Also anyone ordering during june and july will receive a free pdf copy of the 15mm mass combat rules once completed and before their available in any other form. Just wanted to let anyone interested know about our first deal. Thanks guys!

Link: Trench 2114


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