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Storybook Wars: Gingerbread Men

Victory Force präsentieren passend zur Weihnachtszeit eine Armee von Lebkuchenmännern!

Victory Force Lebkuchenmänner Victory Force Lebkuchenmänner

The cannon fodder of Santa’s forces. The gingerbread men were created to be expendable and tasty.

Their primary purpose is to gather intelligence and to be expendable, when necessary. Their roles include: intelligence gathering, whether as one or as a large group. Alone, they have the ability to hide in narrow areas with their slim bodies and gather information. En masse, they will infiltrate an area quickly; gather information, and all run back to HQ. Only one Gingerbread Man needs to return for the mission to be a success.

They are also used as cannon fodder. They are sent in force, with the ordinary troops, to draw fire and confuse the enemy as to actual troop strength. They will also be sent in large numbers into dangerous areas such as mine fields, to trigger the mines, and clear a path for the regular troops. Gingerbread Men will happily go into harm’s way, for whatever purpose is needed. Because of their lack of fingers they are limited on what they can use or handle.

Their worst enemies are liquids and teeth.

Die Modelle sind entweder als 5er, 10er oder 25er Pack erhältlich, Die Preise dafür betragen 7,00, 10,00 oder 20,00 US-Dollar.



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