Secret Weapon: März Neuheiten

Secret Weapon lässt uns in den März blicken und das mit der Unterstützung von Videos.

This month we’re bringing you the first new releases video – to give you a quick, visual review of everything we’re rolling out for March

But wait, that’s not all! We know that your customers will have questions about the new Gothic Terrain: Power Generator and so we’ve put together an assembly video and product review:

But wait, there’s still more! The Masterclass Scenics: Leaf Litter is something that a lot of hobbyists have SEEN but not many have USED — and so we put together a quick tutorial video that you can share with your customers:

The resin base releases this month see an expansion to our hollow blanks — and the new “Cobblestone” theme exclusively for the round lip style. This base set works for a wide range of Warmachine, Horsed and Malifaux armies and will launch with two 50mm bases.

Link: Secret Weapon

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