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Red Knight Entertainment: Corpse Hammer

Red Knight Entertainment hat das neue Tabletop Spiel Corpse Hammer angekündigt!

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Corpse Hammer is a Dark Science Fiction/Fantasy miniature game set in a world laden with arcane energies. On one side you have the supernaturally gifted Nephalim Knights defending the immortal populace from the cybernetic hordes of unliving known as the Necrovanum.
Today for preview we have the first unit of 5 that will be shown in the next couple weeks.
These are the Corpse Hammers for House Remegoth, one of the Nephalim Knight Houses. Units are named after their weapons, hence this unit’s name.
Using the legendary Corpse Hammer cannon as well as the Houses‘ own unique Crucigoth Short Sword, these Nephalim Knights are reapers of the damned on the black planet of


Link: Red Knight Entertainment

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