Rebel Minis: VIPER Suit

Rebel Minis stellt den VIPER Suit mit 3 Waffenvarianten und je 2 Posen vor.

Rebel Minis - VIPER Suit Rebel Minis - VIPER Suit Rebel Minis - VIPER Suit

Well, I am happy to announce the release of our newest Sci-Fi mecha, The Variable Payload Raider or the VIPER Suit, as the troops call them. Designed by digital master John Bear Ross, the VIPER has a modular chassis that can be fitted with multiple weapon and construction options.

There are 3 weapon versions in the first release of Vipers. MK.I-Mk. III. Also, for each version, there are 2 poses Standing and Advancing. That way you can pick your weapons and poses!

Die VIPER Suits kosten jeweils 6,49 USD und bestehen aus Resin.

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