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Norsgard: Crowdfunding-Projekt

Und auch Norsgard versuchen ihr Glück mit einem Crowdfunding Projekt, allerdings wie auch Avatars of War auf der Plattform Indiegogo.

Norsgard - Dwarf Ranger Norsgard - Wolfen

The aim of this project is to raise the funds to release the fourth army for the fantasy skirmish wargame of Norsgard. It will be an army made up of headstrong dwarves and ferocious wolfmen.

In line with the old sailors’ saying, „fortune favors the bold”, this project was established according to the simple rule of “all or nothing!” If the goal is met, you can expect the following:

Alliance of the Bat starter set which includes one Wolf, two Dwarven Scouts, and one Dwarven Hero. In addition, we will release a model for the Mork Tribe faction a two-headed monstrosity. It is worth noting that it shall be sculpted by the legendary monster maker – Stephane Nguyen.

Norsgard ist auch auf Facebook vertreten.

Link: Norsgard


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