Miniature Wargames: Neue Ausgabe

Das Miniatur Wargames Magazin ist in seiner neuesten Form, der Ausgabe Nummer 346 erhältlich.


Cover Story
Graham Burke presents some unusual and imaginative small unit scenarios for D-Day wargames.

Stuart Smith looks into where the Battle of Celidon actually took place and presents a scenario based on his findings. Medieval
Steve Eardley explains how he planned a refight of the Second Battle of St Albans.

The High Ground
Steve Eardley looks forward to wargaming in 2012 and reviews the latest releases.

18th Century
Stuart Asquith looks at wargaming a clash between Prussia and Austria.

James Walsh looks at wargaming Hill’s raid on Almaraz in Spain, 200 years ago this May.

19th Century
Trevor Halsall resumes his series on wargaming the Battle of Inkerman.

Paul Stevenson presents a ‘what if’ scenario that complements those in Stonewall, his ACW scenario book. Darker Horizons
Gary Mitchell visits Germany and manages not to mention the war.

Paul McDonagh explains how to build a stunning Elven Watchtower centrepiece for your fantasy battlefield.

Book reviews, Skirmish show report and our nostalgic feature From the Archive.

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