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MERCS: Texico Previews

Mercs Miniatures zeigen weitere Zeichnungen der kommenden Texico Corporation.

Texico Concept Art

The beta versions of these models have been close enough that I can dig deep into each archetype, and so I begin the breakdown. I build out all the different levels of armor and gear varieties based off of the data from the beta worksheet. Heavy armor, lighter grade sniper armor, and any other variants. All the while I am trying to determine what exactly the base armor will look like. We want to create a basic model in which all others is based off of. It isn’t reflected as much in this image, because I saved much fewer iterations, but I continually tweak the basic model as I illustrate the more elaborate armor. Lot’s of cool stuff to play with!

Here you can see the 5 other classes beyond the Marshal. 2 of which you are already familiar with (Leader and Demo) from the previous post. However they are being tightened down quite a bit more now, especially in the leg areas. The new classes you will see are the Jaguar, Sniper and Heavy. Again the basic armor on the far left won’t be a final model, but rather for the sculptor and I’s reference.

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