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Megalith Games: Feral Hammerfist

Megalith Games haben ein weiteres Modell veröffentlicht. Wie immer bei Megalith Games gibt es zu dem Modell eine ausführliche Charakterbeschreibung:

There is wild, then there are Feral Trolls, and then there is the Feral Hammerfist – a creature so savage that it preys on other Troglodytes; a creature so frenzied that it never stops leaping around save to eat, a creature so brutal that it kills by ripping its enemies limbs off.

Hammerfists are closely related to Grayhorns in that they both derive from the same source – the deranged Trolloth driven mad during the zenith of the Red Sun.

Trolloth hunt and capture Hammerfists to use in their armies. Several years of training makes them somewhat manageable, at least enough to ensure that they charge the enemy not their masters once released from their bonds.

Hammerfists do not wield weapons, their fists are weapons! In fact Trolloth forge metal cestus which they nail into the Hammerfists hands to make his punch even harder.

Occasionally they also rivet metal plates onto their thick, leathery hides.

An effective method of attack with the Hammerfist is to plough him into a group of enemies and bowl them over using his Rumble tactic, then follow that with a Fleshpounder or a unit to make short work of the knocked-down enemies.


Das Modell ist 55mm hoch, ein Preis ist noch nicht bekannt.

Quelle: Megalith Games


Brückenkopf-Maskottchen, Todesrennen-Rennleiter und Aushilfsbespaßer. Im Zweifelsfall mit irgendeinem Diorama beschäftigt.

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