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Mannikin Studios: Zwei Neuheiten

Die kleine Miniaturenschmiede Mannikin zeigt zwei neue Miniaturensets.

Old Squaw Puss in Boots and the Ogre

The Old Squaw is based on artwork from Rackham’s illustrated edition of Rip Van Winkle, and is our third release for this series. It is a four-part resin model and measures 31mm to the highest point. The Old Squaw comes with a 30mm round base, a cauldron, and one familiar.

Puss in Boots and the Ogre are based on Rackham’s illustration of the two characters in Charles Perrault’s tale “Puss in Boots” (Le Maître Chat, ou Le Chat Botté). Puss is a single part model measuring 13mm to the tip of his nose, and matches the size and build of our Grimm’s Cat. The Ogre is a three-part model and measures 41mm to the top of his head. Both models are cast in resin and come with a 30mm base.

Quelle: Mannikin Studios


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