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Hyacinth Games: Wreck Age Caravaneers

Hyacinth Games hat eine Preview der neuen Caravaneers für Wreck Age veröffentlicht.

Wreck Age - Caravan

Caravaneers are a nomadic traders, often loosely affiliated with Staker communities. Whenever a Staker commits a grave offense, they are offered (or given) banishment, death, or induction into the wagon trains.
These caravans are primarily comprised of these outcasts and their offspring. They still respect the Staker way of life but have looser interpretations of their mores. They make their way by trading goods, foodstuffs and entertainment; ranging from a festival atmosphere to passion plays, depending on the community they are serving. Caravans are a vital and necessary aspect of Staker culture.
A caravan can have just a few people in it, or can number as many as several hundred, complete with armorers, tailors, and dog handlers. Some very large Carvans are essentially small, mobile towns.

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