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Heresy Miniatures: Boris der 3.

Zum 10. Geburtstag von Heresy Miniatures gibt es eine limitierte 3. Version von Boris, dem Barbaren.
Heresy Miniatures - Boris the Barbarian

The Big Man is back at last!  This all-new sculpt by Andy Foster celebrates the launch of Heresy back on April 6th 2002. Big Boris has been a mainstay in teh Heresy ranges since day one, and remains as popular a character as ever! This new version is a real heavyweight, cast in a special higher lead-content metal for better quality (reduces pitting in bulky figures like this) and comes with (or without if you really prefer) a special metal Scenic base, featuring part of a magic circle, and the severed arm of the wizard who was about to try summoning something with a scroll, to which act  Boris appears to have taken exception.

As a limited-time special offer, partly to offset the high cost of metal these days (it’s why everyone seems to be getting their figures cast in China now in resin) which has bumped the price up, and because Andy is still really quite desperate for some cash to pay his mortgage and loans next week, if you pre-order the figure before the official release date of April 24th, you can save 20% off the price!

Please note that this version of Big Boris 3 is limited to only 500 metal castings – once they have gone, they are gone for good and we won’t be casting this one in metal again! Don’t hang about if you fancy one, order right away!

Link: Heresy Miniatures


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