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Heresy Miniatures: 2. Trooperpack veröffentlicht

Heresy Miniatures haben ein zweites Set mit Einsatztruppen veröffentlicht.Heresy Miniatures - Troops Heresy Miniatures - Troops

Three troopers figures, without separate heads this time round – this first version of the pack has the semi-open visor.

You can choose between a squad leader figure giving hand signals that either has spare ammo/equipment pouches on the chest or no pouches for a cleaner look.

At the time of writing, the squad leader comes with separate arms but will be made one-piece shortly. The running trooper has a separate gun arm; the female trooper is a one piece casting.

All the figures are cast in lead-free white metal and come supplied unpainted and unassembled.

You will be able to buy the individual figures separately, if you prefer, shortly. This needs more new moulds making, though, and may take some time!

Das Set deckt 3 Miniaturen aus Zinn im 28mm Maßstab ab. Bei dem Anführer könnt ihr aus 2 Varianten wählen.

Link: Heresy Miniatures


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