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Godslayer: Warsmith

Megalith Games präsentieren einen weiteren Zwerg, leider mit einem etwas kleinen Foto.

Godslayer Warsmith

Warsmith is the title held by each of the master blacksmiths of the major clans. In times of war, the Warsmith joins the leaders of his clan in battle for he is also a heroic warrior.

As a traditionalist, the Warsmith has close ties to the element of Earth, both its rock and metal aspects, and is able to manipulate them to advantage – both in the forge and on the battlefield. For example he can cause a chasm to open up beneath enemy troops, cause the metal of enemy weapons and armor to decay, or make those of his comrades tougher and sharper.

The Warsmith is a charismatic and imposing figure who can inspire the troops around him to greater performance. In melee he can hold his own, but he is most effective when placed behind the main fight where he can cripple enemies and boost comrades with his tactics.

Quelle: Megalith Games


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