Dreamforge: Weitere Sturmtruppen

Dreamforge zeigt weitere Bilder der Sturmtruppen und erste eines kompletten Trupps samt Unterstützung.

Dreamforge - Command Squad Dreamforge - Command Officer Dreamforge - Forward Observer Dreamforge - Grenadier Dreamforge - Light Anti-Tankgun and Crew Dreamforge - Rifleman Dreamforge - Sturmtruppen Squad

First shots of an assembled Squad, command squad and support.

Keep in mind these are multi-part metal minis. There are five standing/running leg poses and to kneeling leg poses. A total of seven weapons choices and the ability to choose what weapons to assemble with any leg set, as well as the ability to customize the pose by twisting the torso and heads.

Here we have a five man squad.
Quelle: Dreamforge
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