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Dreamforge: Neuer Shop und Vorbestellungen

Dreamforge haben seit Anfang der Woche ihren neuen Onlineshop eröffnet und die Vorbestellungen online gestellt.
Dreamforge - Kriegsmarine Squad Dreamforge - Kriegsmarine Command Squad Dreamforge - Command Officer Dreamforge - Forward Observer Dreamforge - Grenadier

Starting March 12th the new store will open with a 10% discount and make available pre-orders for the Eisenkern Sturmtruppen and Kriegsmarine.

The sale and pre-orders will run through St. Patrick’s Day March 17

We have roughly 200 Sturmtruppen and 100 Kriegsmarine on hand. We will begin filling pre-orders on March 20th and depending on the volume some later orders may experience a week to two week wait before shipping as we receive deliveries from the caster.

Please drop by and enjoy our new store.

Aktuell gibt es 10% auf ihr Sortiment bis zum St. Patricks Day am Samstag.

Link: Dreamforge Miniatures


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  • So cool die auch sein mögen, selbst mit dem Platoon-Deal der Sturmtruppen zahle ich da 157,50 Dollar (regulär sogar 175) für 35 Miniaturen… Mit Zollgebühren kann ich das 1:1 in Euro umrechnen und das ist schlicht viel zu teuer…

    • How much are the customs fees in Germany? I know the UK is very high but I have no idea what you pay.

      • That depends on the value of the product:

        – 22 Euros and below: no customs fee
        – 22 – 150 Euros: 19 per cent vat
        – More than 150 Euros: 19 per cent vat + additional customs fee depending on the value and the nature of the product (and your personal communication skills…).


      • Wow that is high… Dennis (the moderator) was nice enough to give me the contact information of a distributor in Germany. I was trying to avoid that due to the fees but it looks like I need to develop retail packaging and have a talk with him.

  • Vielleicht erbarmt sich ja einer der größeren Online Shops hier in Deutschland und nimmt die ins Programm auf. Würde zwar keine komplette Armee auf diesen Minis basieren lassen. Denke aber das ich von denen einen Trupp in mein kommendes Weird War 2 Projekt einbringen werde.

  • Hey DFG,
    is there any chance that you could add another bundle? Maybe I’m missing something, but I think there is no special offer for people who want a command squad and a fireteam. I’d want to have the whole range of troopers, but just one of each. Other customers who primarily play skirmish games (like me) would certainly appreciate a discount too.

    • Sure, sounds like a good idea. I will need to wait until the preorders are complete to implement this, otherwise I open a can of worms for those who have already ordered that combination.

  • @ Dreamforge games:
    The Miniatuers are not the type of minitures i collect.

    But You have a perfect Customer Support. you answer in a German Tabletop Newsportal/blog to question related to your products.

    This is how Custommer Support should be in other Companies.

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