Die Waffenkammer: Pz. II Ausführung F

Die Waffenkammer präsentiert die erste von zehn Neuerscheinungen: Den Pz.II Ausführung F


Originally mastered by Ian Crouch. I’ve done some minor up-detailing, and made the track assemblies easier to attach. Suitable for use in North Africa and the early stages of the war with Russia, I’m sure that this model will be a welcome addition to your collection of German armor.

The model is available in the webstore: Code DE031.

The retail price of the model is $25.00 CAD. (That’s approximately £16.00 GBP or €19.00 EUR, for all our friends overseas.) The Pz.II Ausf.F is also available as a platoon: Code PSDE022.

Retailing at $70.00 CAD (approximately £44.00 GBP or €53.00 EUR).

I’ll be making this model available to all our stockists as they place orders. On another note, there will be a major shake-up to our shipping charge schedule. No, it’s not a rate increase, even though Canada Post will be digging deeper into our wallets again this year. This change will be beneficial to all of you.

I will be posting an announcement once I’ve implemented the changes.


Es handelt sich um einen Resinbausatz im Maßstab 1:56, was in etwa 28mm entspricht.

Link: Die Waffenkammer

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