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Dark Age: Toxic Abomination

Dark Age Games präsentieren ein schickes Preview für Dark Age.

Toxic Abomination

As you can see, the Toxic Abomination joins his recently released generic Skarrd cousin as one of the largest models in the Dark Age miniatures line. This beast is Father Curwen’s largest engine of destruction and will soon be stomping through the enemy lines crushing bodies, melting flesh and collapsing lungs along the way.
Between its weapon suite of a toxic sprayer throwing gouts of boiling filth, a standard burst gun, and the crushing might of its assault fist, the Toxic Abomination is a real killer. Combine all of this with the virulent and toxic gases clouding around the beast and the potential Toxic Psychogenics that can augment it further… and you have one hell of a destructive force.

Quelle: Dark Age


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