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Dark Age: Neues Brood Artwork

Auf der Homepage von Dark Age finden sich zwei neue Artworks der Brood, ein Bloat und ein Pod.Dark Age - Brood Pod Dark Age - Brood Bloat

Despite some complications in the Brood Mere’s incubation pools…these two mighty beasts are headed your way soon!

Cause for fear and panic amongst the wastelanders, Bloats are the Brood Mere’s latest attempts at psychological warfare. Biologically filling protruding bladder-sacs with a hydrogen/methane mix that is only a few molecular weights lighter than Samaria’s normal atmosphere, a Bloat drifts along on natural air currents like a massive, leathery airborne jellyfish. Steering using microjets of pressurized gases, they seek out living targets to engage and hopefully inflict terrifying and painful wounds upon them. Maiming far more often than killing their targets, Bloats sow fear and panic wherever they go.
Wrapped in durable flesh to protect their explosively flammable insides, the Bloats are adequately armored and ringed in spiny protrusions. At its posterior however, are the three tentacles layered with tiny stinging nematocysts and thickly muscled; strong enough to break bone but used primarily to inflict pain. Targets get within a few yards of a Bloat and it will reach out and try to get its agonizing lashes upon them, but if they get even closer they have to watch for a different threat – the venting of combustible gas combined with a biostatic spark that wreathes the Bloat in a sheet of flame! Above all else, those brave enough to deal with the creature must deal with its most insidious defense mechanism…or rather its final revenge…combining its gases into a blazing explosion that might take their killer to the grave with them!
Bloats are individuals that are part of some Brood forcelists; an aberration eerily flying toward the Brood Mere’s foes with alien intentions of terror in its genetic code.

Like mobile wombs for the Brood Mere’s Puds, the Pod is a genetic extension of the Broodspawn life cycle given legs, claws and rapidly-knitting flesh. Brood Pods are hulking insectoid creations in whose abdomens brew a potent genetic stew; in that stew swim dozens of immature Puds waiting to be born. Vomiting forth any Puds that grow to adulthood within them to create swarms of savage creatures, the Pods keep their spawn as small and hungry as possible in order to be used in the most foul of reproductive cycles – the infestation of living beings.
Those enemies who are fortunate enough to die under the slashing claws of the Brood Pod are spared the horror of the beast’s oral “depositor”. The Pod’s mouth unhinges, revealing a chitinous tube tipped with hooked barbs designed to bold hold on to and hold open a pinned target’s mouth. Once able the Pod pumps a single hungry Pud into the target’s gullet along with a gush of growth hormones, where the tiny voracious beast matures to adulthood and immediately begins to eat its way out of the host! Little can describe how horrible a death this truly is, making the Brood Pod easily one of the most feared creatures to stalk out from the Black Marsh.
Pods are elite squads used in Brood forcelists; savage killers in their own right as well as a way to create and control Puds or Pud Swarms.

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