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Bushido: Mehr Neuheiten

GTC Studio zeigen zwei weitere Konzepte für Bushido.

Bushido Ayako

Ito Ayako – Ito Clan
We hope you are all pleased with the way the Ito are shaping up and based on your feedback you like them as much as us. Indiegogo backers have you secured yours yet?
We have received alot of requests for the offer to get Ayako and other items early but we feel in fairness to our retailers and distributors that we will stick to the general release date of February.

Bushido Kintaru

Kintaru – Temple of Ro-Kan
As trouble and unrest sweeps across the Jwar Isles the unlikeliest of heroes are emerging to support the Temple of Ro-Kan. Kintaru is one such man, a peasant more at home fishing the rivers and lakes of the mountains than fighting. Nether the less he has given the strength of his arms and his keen eye to protect that which he holds dear.

Quelle: GTC Studio


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  • hmmm der Kimono ist definitiv nicht authentisch, Ayako ist aber sehr hübsch geworden 🙂
    Den Kranich vom Kintaro würd ich gern noch mal aus ner anderen Perspektive sehen, aber ansonsten auch gut gelungen.
    Inzwischen bin ich echt zum Fan von Bushido geworden, inzwischen kann man sowas ja auch mal öffentlich sagen (aufgrund des Tabletops!) 😉

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