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Bolt Action: US Infanterie Vorbestellung

Von der Tactica haben wir bereits erste Bilder des Gussrahmen mitgebracht, jetzt können die US Infanteriesoldaten aus Plastik vorbestellt werden.

Bolt Action - American Infantry Bolt Action - American Infantry Bolt Action - American Infantry

The boxed sets contains parts to make 25 plastic, multi-pose US infantrymen. There are several backpack and equipment options on the sprues so you can use this set to represent American footsloggers from their introduction to the Second World War in 1941 right through to the end of WWII. They wouldn’t look out of place in the Pacific and would even be good for US troops in the Korean War. For those of you after something a little bit different for an army how about painting them as Free French soldiers (they used US uniforms and equipment) or even Brazilians!

Es handelt sich um Plastikminiaturen im 28mm Maßstab.

Warlord Games Produkte sind in Deutschland unter anderem über unseren Partner Fantasy In erhältlich.

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