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Bolt Action: M24 Chaffee und Ram Kangaroo

Und noch mehr Zuwachs für den Bolt Action Fuhrpark, ein M24 Chaffee und Ram Kangaroo.

Bolt Action - M24 Chaffee US Light Tank Bolt Action - M24 Chaffee US Light Tank

Conceived to replace the M3/M5 Stuart light tanks, the M24 Chaffee fought in US service during the later years of WWII and on into the Korean War. The Chaffee also served with British and Russian forces during the Second World War. Reliable, armed with a 75mm gun and with a good off-road performance, the M24 was popular with it’s crews.

Bolt Action - Ram Kangaroo Bolt Action - Ram Kangaroo

Created by the Canadian commander Lt-General Guy Simonds as an expedient way of reducing losses in his infantry and to be able to manoeuvre along with the tanks, the Ram Kangaroo served the forces of the British commonwealth well henceforth. The conception of the Ram Kangaroo is one of the key reasons for dedicated APCs being introduced by most armies after the war’s end.

Pack contains 1 resin and metal vehicle + 5 plastic British Infantry.

Die Fahrzeuge sind im 1:56 Maßstab gehalten und bestehen aus Resin und Zinn.

Warlord Games Produkte sind in Deutschland unter anderem über unseren Partner Fantasy In erhältlich.

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