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Blood Bowl: Bl!tz Magazin Nr. 4

Die 4. Ausgabe des Bl!tz Magazins der australischen Blood Bowl Community ist zum Download erhältlich.

AusBowl - Blitz!

BL!TZ magazine issue 4 can be found by following this link:

Well we really have to say that this has been the most trying so far of the issues. Real world issues really do have a way of interrupting anything. Add into that our first real technical issues with the process and we have overshot by about 3 weeks!

On the plus side, and this is purely by coincidence, the first registered user was me. That was on the 9th May 2007 at 1:42am. So in a little over 2 hours, AusBowl is 5 and we have something special in the giveaway department this month thanks to AusBowl members and Good Games, but more on that later . . .

Thanks to Alex and Comixininos, we have our first site sponsor and right away he has made a suggestion we jumped on. All of the match reports will be presented as a standalone component called a Taste of Turf.

So other than the trials and tribulations we have experienced, the 5th birthday and the good work suggested by Alex, what do we have on offer this issue?
Team focus and a painting focus from AusBowl members
Tons of Dungeonbowl action
A tale of Blood Bowl rediscovery
State updates
Custom pitch construction article
More photography tips and a CanCon pictorial
A MASSIVE 5th birthday giveaway
Plus much, much more!

This issue is big people! I hope you enjoy the BL!TZ.

SinisterDexter and Carnivean

Link: Ausbowl


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