Army Painter: Kostenloser Painting Guide

The Army Painter packt auf alle Bestellungen den Painting Guide drauf.
The Army Painter - Painting Guide

FREE Wargamers’ Army Painting Guide with all orders on Army Painter webstore

We have now got the excellent Wargamers’ Army Painting Guide in all of our warehouses and we’re putting one copy with each and every mail order we send out from our Webstore. Whether you buy a single brush or the full Army Painter Technique package with Colour Primers, Quickshade and the lot we will include a booklet for free with your order.

For more information go to

Der Painting Guide liegt in Deutsch dem Tabletop Insider #7 bei und kann auch über unsere Partner geordert werden.

In Deutschland ist The Army Painter unter anderem bei unseren Partnern Fantasy In und Radaddel erhältlich.

Link: The Army Painter

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