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Ancient Warfare: Vorschau auf 2013

Das historische Magazin Ancient Warfare lässt in ihrem aktuellen Newsletter auf 2013 vorausblicken.

Ancient Warfare - Volume I 4

Ancient Warfare VI.4 coming soon
We are just now putting the final touches on issue VI.4 of Ancient Warfare. The theme of this issue is focused on the every popular Hellenistic period, and takes a close look at the often overlooked and misunderstood Pyrrhus of Epirus. The issue should be in print and in our offices around the 25th of October – that means that European subscribers will be getting theirs within a week of that date and North American readers a week or so after that. VI.4 will go on sale in UK stores very soon after the release date, while it will take another 4-5 weeks before it shows up in stores across North America, Australia and Asia. If you haven’t yet reserved your copy, you can always pre-order through our webshop. For a complete and detailed description of the contents, have a look at our website.

2013 Ancient Warfare Themes
The voting for 2013 Ancient Warfare themes is now over. We’d like to thank all of our readers (and potential readers) for helping us choose the topics for next year. I’ve also now updated the editorial plan page on our website, so you can go there to check out the winners. I’ve also provided the article proposal submission deadlines for each issue, so if you are interested in contributing to any of the upcoming themes, please drop me a line!

New binders
This should make many of our readers happy: Ancient Warfare storage binders will soon be available again! A much requested product that often sells out quickly, we are currently busy with a new and improved version. While our original binder could only accomadate 6 issues of the magazine, our new version will hold 12, or two full years of Ancient Warfare. This binder also features a brand new design and artwork, produced once again by the amazing Igor Dzis. For more information and to pre-order, visit our webshop.
Edge of Empire: the new Ancient Warfare book
As we’ve already mentioned several times in this newsletter previously, instead of producing an Ancient Warfare special in the usual form (The Varian Disaster, The Battle of Marathon, etc.), 2012 will see the release of a full-blown hardcover book. Entitled Edge of Empire, it is the expanded and revised English translation of a Dutch book by the same name. Written by Jona Lendering and Arjen Bosman, it examines the history and development of Roman power and influence in the area of Western Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. Beautifully illustrated by some of your favorite Ancient Warfare artists, it also includes plenty of photographs showing relevant artifacts and archaeological evidence. Edge of Empire should be available sometime during the first half of November, making it an ideal (and also reasonably priced) Christmas gift. You can visit our store now to pre-order your copy at a special discounted price.

New Marlborough Book from Karwansaray Publishers
I’d also like to mention the recently released Marlborough: Soldier & Diplomat, the second work in our Protagonists in History in International Perspective series. This gorgeous new hardcover book is written by twelve experts and examines the interesting life and career of the Duke of Marlborough. Just like our first book on the Dutch admiral, Michiel de Ruyter, this book attempts to examine the famous British hero from a variety of new perspectives. Since the book is new, we’re still offering it at a special introductory price, that includes free shipping (a good deal for a massive book that is over 400 pages long, but hurry because we won’t be doing it for much longer). This new work will make a great addition to the library of all dedicated lovers of history. For more information, have a look at the official website, or go to our webshop and order immediately.

That’s all for now. We’re still playing a bit of catchup with Ancient Warfare, so the next issue (VI-5) will be coming out around Christmas time. We’re hoping to be back on a relatively normal schedule by the middle of next year. For all the latest AW news and developments, keep and eye on our website. We’ll post any updates there that pop up before our next newsletter. Until then, don’t hesitate to send me any comments or feedback you might have about the magazine. I always enjoy hearing from you!

Kind regards

Jasper Oorthuys
Editor, Ancient Warfare magazine.

Die Ancient Warfare wird zusammen mit ihrem Schwestermagazinen Medieval Warfare und Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy auf der Crisis mit einem Demotisch vertreten sein.

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