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Age of Tyrants: Previews

Aus dem Hause Urban Mammoth erwartet uns im April 2013 dieser 6mm Ableger der Urban War Reihe.

Age of Tyrants - Viridian Bazooka Age of Tyrants - Viridian HMG Age of Tyrants - Viridian Snipers Age of Tyrants - Viridian Marine #2 Age of Tyrants - Viridian Marine #1 Age of Tyrants - Viridian Interdict #1 Age of Tyrants - Viridian Interdict #2

Age of Tyrants

Is our new 6mm sci-fi game system due for launch in April 2013.

In 2769 VSY, the Strike on Kalakan unleashed a spiralling maelstrom of war that threatened to engulf all of Pan-Humanic space. Breakaway systems plunged old alliances and treaties into disarray as battle lines were drawn up around them, and the powerful members of the Tripartite Alliance; the Viridians, Syntha, and the Junkers, ultimately moved openly against one another , forcing the galactic security body VASA to enter the fray on its own terms. This period became known as the Age of Tyrants.

Age of Tyrants is a 6mm tabletop wargame set in the hard sci-fi world of Urban War: Metropolis. It is a scalable mass combat system enabling you tabletop generals to fight battles ranging from skirmishes between platoons right up to battalion level offensives and features a unique unit activation system inspired by the doctrine of combined arms warfare.

Previewed here are a range for Viridian infantry sprues; Colonial marines, bazooka teams, HMG teams, snipers and Interdict drop troopers.

To ask questions on the range and for weekly updates and previews please visit our Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/AgeofTyrants

Link: Urban Mammoth


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  • Da bin ich echt mal gespannt wie die fertigen Modelle aussehen. Ich mag ja viele Sachen urban War nicht so sehr. Aber das hier gefällt mir. Hoffe doch stark das die fertigen Modelle dann einen ähnlichen Detailgrad haben werden.

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