Warmachine/Hordes: die Zukunft von Privateer Press

Privateer Press haben einen Artikel auf ihrer Homepage Online gestellt. Darin heißt es u.a. dass man in der Zukunft die Anzahl der Neuerscheinungen reduzieren will um mehr Kapazitäten für die allgemeine Produkten frei zu haben um so den Nachschub zu sichern.

Since the release of the second edition of its award-winning tabletop miniatures games WARMACHINE and HORDES, Privateer Press has seen explosive growth among its player communities worldwide. The excitement generated by our games has never been higher, and demand has quickly outpaced our production ability. In response, we have expanded our efforts to make our products as easily available as possible.

While Privateer has continued to supply new releases on time, fulfilling the high volume of back orders can require substantial wait times. In an attempt to produce and ship orders faster, over the last year we have more than doubled the size of our production staff, significantly expanded our manufacturing capabilities to include an all-new resin casting department, and converted more of our line to plastic. These efforts have significantly increased our production ability, and we are now shipping record-breaking amounts of product from our Bellevue facility.

Additionally, Privateer recently announced that we will push back our new releases that had been slated for August in order to concentrate on filling back orders. With the expected surge in demand that usually accompanies our summer convention efforts, Privateer will also offer only limited new releases for the months of October and December to further increase the amount of back order fulfillment.

Finally, to better support players we will be implementing a new order system this fall that will ensure the core items for every faction will be readily available. The new order system will provide faster fulfillment on the essential products for both WARMACHINE and HORDES, so players will have access to everything they need to build a complete army and begin playing with their new faction right away. Items that are not part of the core list will continue to be available but will be subject to longer fulfillment times until our manufacturing capacity can be expanded to handle the high demand.

Privateer Press will continue to focus every effort toward improving the rate of our back order fulfillment. We thank you for your patience as we continue to support our rapidly growing WARMACHINE and HORDES communities around the world.

In Deutschland werden die Privateer Press Produkte über Ulisses Spiele vertrieben und sind unter anderem bei unserem Partner Fantasy Warehouse, Fantasy In und TinBitz erhältlich.

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