Warhammer 40.000: In the Emperors Name

The Gamesshed haben ihr Skirmish-Regelwerk zu Warhammer 40.000 – In the Emperors Name überarbeitet.


Since its launch only a short while ago In the Emperor’s Name has created an enormous amount of interest amongst people who love the Warhammer 40K universe, but are not so enamoured of the rules that accompany it. We have had over 3,000 downloads from the blog alone.

The quality of feedback, from AAR’s to individual comments on the blog, the Yahoo Group and on other blogs and fora has been excellent. As a result we have been able to create a lot more material for this game as well as improve and clarify the rules.

Not all the good ideas that have come forward have been included in this edition. Some will be released individually on the blog, others in new supplements once we have enough material.

There is still a lot of the Warhammer 40K universe to explore, from Enslavers, Dark Eldar and Hive Fleet infiltration units, to new campaigns and dangerous locations. Anyone fancy hunting a Lictor on an Ice Planet or in the depths of the Catachan Jungle? More Psychic Powers and Special Abilities anyone? And who just loves the Assassins and their Temples?

We hope that you enjoy these rules.

Bei “In the Emperors Name” handelt es sich um einen weiteren Ansatz, ein Warhammer 40.000 Skirmish, inspiriert durch die alten Rogue Trader Regeln umzusetzen.

Die Änderungen beinhalten unter anderem Regelanpassungen und eine komplette Waffen und Rüstungsliste. Des Weiteren wurde das gesamte Regelwerk in 3 Booklets aufgeteilt. Dies hat den Vorteil, dass man bei einer Änderung in einem der drei Booklets nicht mehr alle drei ausdrucken muss.

Die genauen Regeländerungen und die Downloadlinks findet ihr hier.

Warhammer 40.000 ist unter anderem bei unserem Partner TinBitz erhältlich.

Quelle: The Gamesshed

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