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Use Me: 15mm Wk 2 Regeln zum Download

Das Use Me Regelwerk mit 2. Weltkrieg Setting im 15mm Maßstab gibt es nun Download.
Use Me - 15mm WK 2

Hello Everyone,

The third of our successful USEME rulesets has now been released as a downloadable PDF !

As with the other USE ME downloads your purchase includes the full UM003 booklet in a purpose made format for e-reading (not a simple scan of the print booklet) and a second file with an ‚ease-print‘ version which removes all artwork and colour allowing you to print your purchase if you so desire.  A third file contains seperate colour covers for UM003 Electronic Edition.   Secure download, instant service.

Der Download kostet 5 USD und ist per Paypal bezahlbar.

Link: Use Me


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