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Uncharted Seas: Phase 4 Neuheiten

Spartan Games haben die 4. Welle Uncharted Seas Neuheiten vorgestellt.

Uncharted Seas - Imperial Human Starterbox Uncharted Seas - Imperial Human Uncharted Seas - Imperial Human Uncharted Seas - Imperial Human
Uncharted Seas - Bone Griffons Starterbox Uncharted Seas - Bone Griffons Uncharted Seas - Bone Griffons Uncharted Seas - Bone Griffons

Uncharted Seas - Orcs Uncharted Seas - Thaniras Elves

SOR009 Orc Raiders Carnage Class Heavy Cruiser
This is a mean and aggressive Orc war machine. Many Orc fleet commanders requested a “war barge that could hurl death to each broadside” and that is exactly what they got with the Carnage. Normally Orc vessels sail straight down the throats of their enemies, fore guns blazing. The Carnage, however, hammers them with broadside weaponry. But the designers did not stop there. They added some ugly trolls for good measure; standing atop a large deck platform these ugly beasts hurl giant slabs of rock at enemy targets. Nice…

SHU001 Imperial Human Starter Fleet
The Imperial Humans are a race fashioned by bitter war, both domestic and external. Having survived decades of brutal attacks by the Orcs and also numerous civil wars, the Imperial Council has skilfully established a prosperous and powerful nation with a military might feared by all.
Although feuding still exists amongst the families that sit behind the Imperial Council, the iron grip of the Imperial Overlord controls a unified military that now has the Uncharted Seas firmly in its sights. Fleets of Imperial galleys leave the Old World every month, new lands and riches their target. If classic and elegant, with a hint of feudal, is what you are looking for then set sail with the Imperial Human Navy.

1 x Eagle Class Battleship
2 x Hawk Class Cruisers
2 x Harrier Class Assault Balloons
6 x Falcon Class Frigates
16-Page Quick Play Rulebook – just add dice and a tape measure, and you are ready to take to the seas.  Containing the key mechanics, this is the perfect primer for the Master Rulebook.
16-Page Fleet Guide – this provides a background on the race and its different models. It includes stats for all models, full colour artwork and fleet composition rules.
Game Tokens
Laminated stat cards

SHU008 Imperial Human Condor Class Flagship
The majestic Imperial Human Condor Class Flagship has speed, grace and punch. With its sails fully unfurled you can imagine the Admiral of the fleet issuing orders as his highly trained gunners shatter the hull of another enemy ship.

SHU009 Imperial Human Kestrel Class Destroyer
The Overlord’s latest weapon for dominance of the Uncharted Seas is the Kestrel Class Destroyer, designed to fulfil multiple roles. In addition to its conventional broadside cannons the Kestrel is equipped with a reinforced front end for boarding and carries a front mounted flame cannon.

SHU010 Imperial Human Harrier Class Assault Balloon
When master designer Fernardo de la Cruz, of the House Tepes, first talked about the idea of the Harrier Balloon he was openly mocked by his peers. But he built it and tested it, and soon mockery was replaced with high praise. The Harrier serves two roles: spotting enemy targets to help gunnery attacks and acting as a platform from which elite glider-born troops can attack enemy targets.

STE008 Thaniras Elves Griffon Heavy Cruiser
The Thaniras Elves do not do blunt, they are all about hit and run. But even the Elves know that every now and again you quite simply have to stand proud and slap your enemy right on their nose! And that’s where the Griffon Class Heavy Cruiser makes its entrance – giving the enemies of the Thaniras Elves a bloody nose. A Squadron of three models can lay down some nice gunnery at Range Band 1 (linking to their Broadsides for 16 AD) and with a Crew Rating of 6 you do not want to be boarded by them. Aesthetically the Griffon is, by Elven design, brutal looking. It looks armoured, it looks mean…. it looks like it will give you a slap.

SBG001 Bone Griffons Starter Fleet
The Bone Griffons are a warrior race that, through the use of a vile magic called The Withering, had everything they ever valued – including the very essence of their life-force – ripped from them and destroyed. The Bones Griffons are now the living dead, their flesh decaying as decades turn to centuries…

Despite this, the warrior spirit of this race lives on. Now their war galleys and rotting sea creatures scour the waters of the Uncharted Seas in search of battle. Massive banks of oars, pulled by crews who never tire, move the ships from one prey to the next, trebuchets hurling death through the air. If you’re looking for something different, give this fleet a try.

 1 x Plague Class Battleship
3 x Pestilence Cruisers
6 x Orcus Undead Whales
16-Page Quick Play Rulebook – just add dice and a tape measure, and you are ready to take to the seas.  Containing the key mechanics, this is the perfect primer for the Master Rulebook.
16-Page Fleet Guide – this provides a background on the race and its different models. It includes stats for all models, full colour artwork and fleet composition rules.
Game Tokens
Laminated stat cards

SBG006 Bone Griffons Nightmare Class Flagship
The Nightmare Class Flagship is the terror of the high seas, a mighty floating fortress full of undead warriors. The centrepiece of its construction is a temple dedicated to the Bone Griffons‘ revered totem, the Abyssal Griffon. Enemies of the Bone Griffons quake in fear at the appearance of such temple ships, because the dreaded influence of their priests’ magical aura can be felt at a great distance.

SBG007 Bone Griffons Phantom Class Destroyer
The Phantom class Destroyer is a horrifying new weapon in the Bone Griffons’ arsenal. They are built for but one purpose: crushing enemy ships with plague-infected missiles, fired from a massive catapult whose arm is nearly as long as the ship itself.

SBG009 Bone Griffons Withered Griffon
With its mighty wingspan the Withered Griffon sweeps across a battlefield, its grotesque form twisted and warped. The Griffon has two attacks: one is its Swipe Attack, the other a gut wrenching, blood curdling Death Shriek which can incapacitate crews. One of these creatures is a nightmare to deal with; a squadron of two could well be your worst nightmare.

Spartan Games Produkte sind unter anderem bei unserem Partner, dem Fantasyladen, erhältlich.

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  • „Even Bigger“ mehr fällt mir dazu nicht ein …
    Das Konzept von Spartan ein Design zu entwickeln und das dann beliebig groß zu skalieren ist, aus meiner Sicht, ziemlich schwach.
    Auf den ersten Blick hat man zwar eine stimmige Flotte, aber letztendlich auch Miniaturen ohne Charisma da es eben immer nur größer wird, nie „anderst“.
    Irgendwann muss man sich dann den Turnhalle und zwei 40 Tonner anmieten um zocken zu können.

  • Die Neuüberarbeitung hat den Menschen sicherlich gut getan. Allerdings stört mich das zu kleine hintere Segel bei den Kreuzern, das man einfach von den Fregatten übernommen hat. Außerdem ist der Paintjob nicht wirklich gelungen mit dem Hellen Deck, was sich mit den Segeln beißt.

    Ach ja, bei den Untoten Walen hätte man sich mal das Wasser bei GWs Dreadfleet Bases anschauen können. Spartan kann einfach keine überzeugende Wasseroberfläche designen. (Gibt CAD wohl nicht ner…)

    Und die Bemalung der Elfen ist weiterhin viel zu SciFi lastig. Außerdem sind die Seitentürme nach der Lesart des ursprünglichen Fluffs ziemlich falsch angeordnet…

  • Ich versteh den Vorwurf des skalierens echt nicht. Jedem seine Meinung, aber ich halte diesen Vorwurf trotzdem für übertrtrieben.
    Die neuen Designs sind sehr gut geworden. Trotzdem werd ich wohl dem Drang widerstehen und mir noch eine US Flotte holen.
    Die Elfen sehen zwar irgendwie elfisch aus, aber insgesamt, gefallen sie mir aufgrund ihres doch recht eigenwislligen Designs nicht für ein Fantasy Setting…

    • Das mit dem Skalieren sehe ich genauso. bei Firestorm Armada mag das teilweise zutreffen, aber hier ist der Vorwurf ziemlich aus der Luft gegriffen. Die Modelle haben allesamt ein sehr eigenes Design und unterscheiden sich klar von den anderen Modellen einer Fraktion.

      Die Elfen gefallen mit eigentlich recht gut, nur die neuen Segel sind irgendwie ein Griff ins Klo. Die neuen Rümofe mit den alten Segeln, das wäre derzeit meine bevorzugte Kombination.

  • Die überarbeiteten Schiffe der imperialen Flotte gefallen mir gut und ich kann mir gut vorstellen, meine bereits existierende Armada damit zu erweitern.
    Was mir allerdings gar nicht gefällt, ist, dass die Preise zum Teil ordentlich in die Höhe geschossen sind.

  • Ich war bei den Menschen echt gespannt. Was mir aber nachwievor nicht gefällt ist das Heck außen. Das ist einfach zu gerade und wirkt nicht wie ein geschwungener Rumpf…

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