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Worldworks Games: Shellendrak Herrenhaus

Worldworks Games haben ein neues Set vorgestellt. „Shellendrak“ gab es bereits, ist nun wieder erhältlich und dürfte besonders für Spieler von Pulp- und Steampunksystemem interessant sein, da es im neuen „TerrainlineX“-Design redesigned wurde und somit nun besser zusammengebaut werden kann. Das Gelände wird vervollständigt durch das sogenannte „Props Pack“, mit welchem weitere Einrichtung und neue Räume kommt:

„Let us begin our tour in the west wing. This is the older portion of the house, and yet it is still in the best condition. Solid stone exteriors protect an interior with detailed woodwork, a variety of wall treatments, and several kinds of tile floor…“

Our two original, best selling Shellendrak terrain sets (Shellendrak Manor and Return to Shellendrak Manor) are being relaunched as fully TerrainlinX compatible offerings, complete with full robocutter compatibility. Meaning complete, on-the-fly design freedom in all dimensions! West Wing contains three different styles of wall, four styles of floor, and both flat and angled roof options, along with a whole host of different ways to put it all together.

Within, you will find…

  • Stone exterior walls opposite three interior styles (grey, green and stucco).
  • Full support for transparency windows, both plain and in stained glass tones.
  • Interior angled walls (both 4.24″ and 8.48″).
  • Bay windows designed to fit into exterior 3″ wide spaces, extending outwards from the building (also with full transparency support).
  • A full set of truss and roof build options to cap off your buliding in nearly any shape and configuration, complete with transparency spike rows.
  • Exterior roof flat areas for balconies, flat roof sections, and more.
  • Spired, angled, or plain roof caps to the bay windows.
  • All standard tile configurations (3×3, 3×6, 6×6) and formats (1″, 1.5″, and gridless) incorporating three different styles of tile, and a wood floor both plain…and bloodied.
  • A regular staircase, and a Grand Staircase incorporating a new design style, half-height posts, platforms, and the ability to design a variety of formations on the fly.
  • The Terrain Box: Both storage and terrain, it’s designed as a one or two story exterior square large enough to hold 6×6 tiles, and designed to accommodate any typical roof configuration.
  • Lock and Key props, for providing a visual to match any keys and doors in your building design.

And of course, full instructions and GSDs (including pre-cuts for transparency windows and openable doors).

Props Pack

Interior Props:

  • Bathroom (sink, toilet and tub, clean, dirty and even bloody)
  • Dining Room (a dozen chairs, two kinds of banquet table)
  • Bedroom (marble fireplace, massive bed and two dressers)
  • Kitchen (worktable, sinks, stove and cabinet)
  • Bookcases (large, one ordinary and one with a secret passage)
  • Mad Science Lab (Tesla coils, workbench, iron maiden, blinky machines)
  • Lounge (sofas, end tables, trunks)
  • Study (overstuffed chair, small bookcase and stand, desk, globe, clock)
  • Statuary (angels in three colors, roman soldier in green, armor)
  • Stuffed heads (moose, rhino, elephant, manticore)
  • Paintings (14 in various sizes)
  • Curtains (in 6 colors, both flat and swappable on anti-warp ledge walls)

Exterior Props:

  • Old-style Roadster (red, green, black and white)
  • Carriage (white, red and blue)
  • Chimneys (designed to work with TLX, plugging into floors for stability)
  • Marble pillars (with and without ivy)
  • Marble staute and fountain (with transparent water flowing)

Das Grundset „Shellendrak: West Wing“ kostet 11,50 Dollar, das Erweiterungsset „Props Pack“ noch einmal 8,50 Dollar. Die Dateien sind allerdings nur als Download erhältlich, weitere Kosten für den Druck kommen also noch dazu.

Quelle: World Works Games


Brückenkopf-Maskottchen, Todesrennen-Rennleiter und Aushilfsbespaßer. Im Zweifelsfall mit irgendeinem Diorama beschäftigt.

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