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Studio McVey: Azumi

Eine weitere beeindruckende Resinminiatur aus dem Hause McVey, Azumi.

Studio McVey - Azumi Studio McVey - Azumi Studio McVey - Azumi

The latest release in the Limited Edition Resin series is in the store now! Azumi is one of the most detailed and beautiful miniatures we’ve released yet (at least we think so!).

We are offering members of our mailing list 10% off their orders with the release of this miniature – all you need to do is spend more than £15 in the store and you’ll get 10% off the entire order. Simply type AZUMI when prompted in the check-out process, and the discount will be applied.

This discount offer is valid until December 1st 2011

Limited Edition resin miniature. This miniature is a multi part kit and comes supplied with a 30mm plastic base.

Azumi stands 32mm tall.

This miniature is strictly limited to 750 high quality castings

The price of this Limited Edition resin miniature is £12.99 and flat rate shipping to anywhere in the world is £2.95.

Es handelt sich um eine Miniatur im 32mm die 12,99 GBP kostet. Die Miniatur ist auf 750 Stück limitiert und kommt mit einem handsigniertem Zertifikat.

Quelle: Studio McVey


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