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Spyglass: Mönch

Ein kleines Lebenszeichen von Spyglass, ein Mönch.

Spyglass - Monk

Latest News

Right now there are figures on pre-order and are currently being production cast and should be in stock very soon. You can pre-order right away should you wish to do so.

Welcome to my latest little part of the net. This is the Spyglass Miniatures website that I’ve setup as something of a stop-gap measure. I recently rested my range of larger scale fantasy miniatures, Eolith, and the site for that is gone. However, I still have the odd 28mm mini to sell. Random new sculpts that I’ve been working on and also I found that I’d only sold 50 each of some limited edition resins. I could have repurposed the Eolith site, shifting things around and prepping it to sell all this but the ltd figures were all originally released through my original company, Spyglass, and all my figs I’m working on now are 28mm which was the main thrust of that company as opposed to the larger scales mostly done through Eolith. It was actually quicker to build a new basic site like this than to mess about with the Eolith one and I’d made a logo for my blog Spyglass Asylum a while back so 5 minutes of rearranging the materials in photoshop gave me a new Spyglass logo. Generally I thought if I was going to sell some 28mm figures then I should call the site Spyglass. So, I did.

So, welcome. As said, this is my temporary bolthole so I can sell bits I have made and there’s currently no grand plan. But for the moment I have this online store setup for you to buy my figures from.

To the right of the screen you can find the link to the Store which is powered by paypal. If you don’t have paypal it will take card details too. All nicely secure.

There’s also a contact page should you need to send me an email.

Steve Buddle

Die Miniatur ist im 30mm Maßstab gehalten und wird aus Resin gefertigt. Der Preis liegt bei 8,00 GBP.

Link: Spyglass


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