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Secret Weapon Miniatures: Preview auf Kanalisationsbases

Im Blog von Secret Weapon Miniatures sind Previewbilder der Kanalisationsbases aufgetaucht.


TOP: 40mm – I’ll round off the sides and putty the back smooth. I’m going to add some detail to the top along the front edge… I’m just not 100% sure what yet.

LEFT: 30mm – spiral stairs. I’m working out the logistics of adding a pipe to the inside curve.

RIGHT: 30mm – a simple flat section with a pipe in the hollow section. I like to include a couple of very simple bases in any set so that there’s room for those wide stance models.



This 50mm base is a finished, resin cast example. You can see the weathering on the bricks, the rivets on the pipe tie-down and nicks in the grating. Of course you can also see the ripping water I added after the piece was painted.

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