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SAGA: Würfel wieder erhältlich

Gripping Beast hat die SAGA Würfel wieder auf Lager.

SAGA - Danish Dice SAGA - Viking Dice SAGA - Welsh Dice

We have just posted all our SAGA dice back-orders. Hurrah!
We have also posted enough dice to our distributers in US and Australia (Architects Of War & War And Peace Games) for them to fulfil their customer back-orders too. Another hourrah!
We are still expecting a second delivery to ship 18th December. This shipment will provide us with a full re-stock and we will at last have dice for sale on our web-site.
Once again we thank you all for your patience during a very frustrating time

SAGA ist ein 28mm Skirmish mit 20-40 Miniaturen pro Seite.

Link: Gripping Beast


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