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Mongoose Publishing: Signs & Portents 92

Mongoose Publishing hat ein neues Signs and Portents herausgegeben.

Mongoose Publishing S&P 92 cover

In this month’s 10th Anniversary issue;

Ten Years Young
A look at the past ten years of Mongoose.

Deus Vult
Part one of a new adventure, where the players will be chasing a device made by Brother Hoffman.

Judge Dredd
An investigation where the judges will be trying to uncover marital distress that has taken a darker turn.

Clockwork & Chivalry
An adventure for a group of loyalist adventurers.

A sequel to Otherworld Blues.

Lone Wolf
While escorting dangerous criminals, the players find their ship wrecked by a storm…

RuneQuest II
A haunted gulch for any RuneQuest setting.

A Call to Arms: Noble Armada
Playtest rules for psychics and theurgists.

The winners of the Earthdawn Adventure Contest are presented here!

Das Magazin ist kostenlos und ist auf der Seite von Mongoose Publishing zu finden.

Quelle: Mongoose Publishing

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