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Miniature Wargames: Ausgabe 343

Von Wargamesfever ist nun Ausgabe 343 des Miniature Wargames Magazins erschienen.

MW343_500Das Magazin behandelt Themen von den Samurai bis zu der Moderne und deckt auch die Bereiche Fantasy und Science-Fiction ab.

 Cover Story:
Kevin Jones starts a two part series on his refight of Tedorigawa in 1577 – one of the most decisive battles of the Samurai era.

Continuing his series on the Wars of the Successors, Jim Webster presents a scenario for refighting the battle of Placaitene in 317 BC between the armies of Eumenes and Antigonos.

18th Century
Tim Thompson looks at refighting the little known battle of Roucoux using the new edition of King of the Battlefield rules.

The High Ground
Steve Eardley considers the true meaning of military greatness and reviews the latest rules and figures.

On its 200th anniversary, John Walsh looks at the ill-fated Spanish attempt to raise the French siege of Sanguntum.

Trevor Halsall explains the options for wargaming Big Bethel, one of the earliest actions of the American Civil War.

Gary Richards considers the wargaming potential of the 1975 Mayaguez Incident and the Battle of Koh Tang, the last action of America’s involvement in South-East Asia.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Gary Mitchell takes a tongue-in-cheek look at how industrial unrest may affect gamers and puts the latest products under the microscope.

Plus Book Reviews and the nostalgic feature From The Archive.

Das Magazin ist für 4,25 GBP hier erhältlich.

Quelle: Wargamesfever

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