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Micropanzer: Void Stalker in 15mm

Für die Fraktion der Krystrial Forces haben Micropanzer den Void Stalker angekündigt.

Here is the resin Kit of the Void Stalker– I have an issue with leg not really able to fit on with out doing a bit of altering  — not really an issue if one has little skill with green stuff — the one leg needs to be rotated a bit and filled with green stuff to look proper.

I am going to burn through the mold so will have 20-30 for sale shortly — I will be selling this kit version  at a special  price as there are some issues with kit but does mean it is a bad kit — I just want to do a little work to make it a better kit that a newbie could assemble and feel good about. I built 2 and positioned parts a bit different for variety am working on painting them up now.

I like this kit as resin myself as it is simple to convert and glue with out pinning can be removed from sprue fairly easy with a hobby saw and snapping once scored.

Last photo is for scale — The void stalker is a monstrous creature in 15mm scale and am sure it would make a great 32mm creature as well if you wanted to.

Void_Stalker_Gussrahmen Void_Stalker_gebaut Void_Stalker_vergleich

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