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Micro Art Studios: Wolsung Beta Regeln

Micro Art Studios geben die Beta-Regeln für das kommende Wolsung SSG (Steampunk Skirmish Game) zum Download frei.

Auf der neu eingerichteten Seite für das Spiel können die Regeln kostenlos runtergeladen werden. Im dazugehörigen Forum können Anregungen, Kritik und weitere Ideen diskutiert werden.

Wolsung SSG is a game set in the world of Wolsung – a universe where unusual ladies and gentlemen struggle to achieve power, fame and wealth. It’s a world of steam, magic, huge industrial factories and weird inventions. The game introduces you to Lyonesse – the Pearl of Cities, a city of the greatest minds and rulers of  modern world.

There are many powerful factions and organisations in Lyonesse of which three are included in Wolsung SSG: Ash and Oak Social Club – the union of the most influential and powerful nobles of Lyonesse; Eccentric Scientists Club – home of the strangest inventions and most brilliant minds; and Tryad of the Lotus Dragon – mysterious and deceptive gang from the distant Shang In.

Gameplay of Wolsung Steampunk Strategy Game may seem a little bit complicated at first, but as you play more and more games you’ll certainly become more familiar with them. Our goal was to make an easy and intuitive set of rules, which can be easily learned and memorized, but give the players more than hundred percent satisfaction of a fair and demanding challenge.

We also introduced something pretty new in tabletop games – the usage of standard card deck. It is used to minimize the luck factor of the dice and to help your heroes to do some really epic actions..


..cause this is really what Wolsung SSG is about. Action, challenge and fun are all essentials of Wolsung SSG and things we put emphasis on when designing new rules, miniatures or terrains.

Erste Bilder der Miniaturen und einer Demoplatte gab es bereits HIER und HIER.

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