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Mantic Games: Open Day Interview

Mantic Games haben einen Teil der Fragen und Antworten aus dem Open Day Interview online gestellt.

As a freelance writer (or artist or sculptor), how can I get involved in writing, drawing or sculpting for Mantic?

Ronnie: We have a period at the start of a year where we look at submissions and portfolios, usually some time between January and June. We might then give out a small project just to see how you get on in terms of deadlines, nothing too hard, and we evaluate from there. Best thing to do is send us a contact form from our website with some links to your work around the start of the year.

Is Mantic still planning to release metal sets, like the Elven Palace Guard or Dwarf Berserkers in Plastic Resin?

Ronnie: Yes. I think the Palace Guard at some point will be turned into Plastic Resin – the Berserkers need some tweaking because there are slightly too many parts. We’ve not done it straight away because it’s a choice between putting new stuff out in plastic resin, which we think everyone would want to see, or go over an existing set so shortly after the original was released.

How are the Dwarven Cavalry coming along?

Ronnie: Very nicely thank you!

Have Mantic considered doing plastic movement trays for Kings of War through Renedra?

Ronnie: Yes, we’re desperate to have movement trays – would make moving those 60 zombies across the table easier! We’re looking into it.

What’s happened with the new Mantic Battlefoam Army Transport Case?

Ronnie: We should see it for Gencon!

What’s Orcy’s favourite dish?

Ronnie: Well, some say he likes the taste of elf flesh more than anything after his trip into the Dwarf King’s Hold – others say he can still taste Guy Haley. All we know is, we once caught him eating an Apricot when he thought no-one was looking, and we’ve always suspected he’s a bit fruity.

Die Palace Guard der Elfen wird aus Resin kommen, bei den Berserkern der Zwerge wird es wegen der vielen Teile wohl noch etwas dauern. Für die Zwerge ist Kavallerie in Arbeit und man kümmert sich um Regimentsbases.

Link: Mantic Games


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