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Hasslefree: Neue Homepage

Auch Hasslefree gönnt sich eine neue Homepage.

Hasslefree Homepage

HF Minis has had a revamp. It has taken a lot of work to move over 800 codes to a new home where (fingers crossed) it will be easier for you to navigiate and find everything you need.
New features will be implemented in phases and will include the gallery and workbench being reintroduced, an up to date ‘Fluff’ section, wishlists, downloadable pdfs and an advanced figures search.
Just in time for the December Bonus Time, more information to follow on that over the next few days.

Über die Beweggründe äußert sich Kevin White im Forum of Doom, dem Gemeinschaftsforum von Hasslefree, Heresy, Black Scorpion und Fenris Games.

Link: Forum of Doom

Link: Hasslefree


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